Here we go…

Creating a blog has been on my list for years.
Rebecca Crusoe was the person that told me to do it.
Anders Tempelman described to how it’s done – like using wordpress, and posting regularly.
Max von Gegerfelt got the technical stuff started.

And so, it’s up to me – after all, I’m the one supposed to find and tell the stories.
Having followed Seth Godin and some other blog professionals (ping Johan Svensson) for a year or two, I feel the urge to go ahead. It’s a bit like following the ski-teacher…. I just hope I don’t lose sight of them.

The slave on my wagon will keep whispering in my ear – ”It’s all about the readers, stupid. Not about you…”

(My Swedish friends are good with the English language. My friends abroad have difficulties with Swedish. So, the blog is in English – with some exceptions.)

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